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Great little game! Can you maybe add local multiplayer some time?

Took me a while to pull off a draw and managed to win once after that. Elegant game, really enjoyed it!

Way too difficult, would've been better if we could choose a difficulty. 10 games, 9 losses and 1 draw.


You're doing okay! It's a pretty hard game. Here's some advice:

  • At the start of the game, avoid playing anything above a 4 - the enemy will immediately be able to take out your 5 with their 3, your 6 with their 2, etc.
  • You can "gain some time" by first playing a 4, then playing your 3 to take back the 4, then playing your 2 to take back the 3, etc. - try to bait the enemy into playing one of their high cards, and then eliminate it with one of your low cards!
  • A 4-4 trade is another way to gain time - if the enemy has placed their 3 and 1 in the same row/column, using your 4 to discard them is a good move - it makes your 5 and 7 relatively safe for the late game. Even playing your 4 to eliminate the enemy 4 can be smart - it forces the enemy to do something else (which you can react to), and clears the board for later trades.
  • Pay attention to what's in the enemy deck - even in the late game, if the enemy still has their 3, prefer placing your 6 than your 5.
  • Pay attention to the enemy moves. Sometimes it'll set up an exchange by moving your card up or down a row - it only does that if it knows it can make a good trade next turn.
  • The game looks innocent, but it requires a cool head. Play along with your morning coffee/tea, not late at night. Hasty play is sloppy play!
  • A draw is still good in my book! If the computer doesn't make any early game mistakes, it can be very hard to force a win. Even experienced players struggle to win more than half the time.

Hope you manage your first win soon :)

One suggestion: don't make the tutorial mandatory. Local storage may no longer be there when a user returns and then he is forced to play the tutorial again. I don't see a good reason to make the tutorial mandatory.

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A quick workaround: start the tutorial and exit out to the main menu - you don't actually have to complete it for `Play` to unlock.

I made it mandatory because the last time I made a card game for Ludum Dare, *everybody* was confused about the rules. I might change it to "Are you *sure* you want to skip the tutorial?" prompt at some point.

edit: I just made some changes to address that. New game is no longer disabled, but if you click it, it'll recommend you do the tutorial - you can opt to click 'cancel' from there and go straight to a regular game. Hopefully this achieves both goals!


It's very good game but I lose every match :)

Fwiw I designed the game and the AI still beats me 2/3 times :(

This game is pretty awesome! It didn't start for me in Firefox, but works fine in Chromium.

Sorry about that! I was using one function slightly wrong, it's all fixed now!

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It still didn't work, so I had a closer look and found this in the console:

"Request to access cookie or storage on “” was blocked because we are blocking all third-party storage access requests and content blocking is enabled."

Turns out this happened due to my privacy settings:

Cookies and Site Data -> Block Cookies and Site Data -> All third-party cookies

I added "" to the exceptions and now it works. It's important to prefix with "https://", just "" won't work.