A downloadable fasterthanlime for Windows, macOS, and Linux


This was made alone, in the last 24 hours of the jam.
I wish I had more time, to make something better.
Excuse the lack of polish and subpar writing at times.

The OSX version should be fixed now, thanks to @_romac!


This is an interactive adventure, set in another time.
Too few detours, but a writing constraint: only alexandrines,
all game long.

Click the dialog options to advance in the story
Clicking, pressing Space & Enter will hurry the text along.

Take your time, though, enjoy the soundtrack. Bathe in the mood.


Story, engine, ooc language, story editor, soundtrack by me
Some ambient sounds taken from Freesound.org
Some fonts from dafont.

Tech stack

The ooc programming language
The TypeScript programming language
The Duktape JavaScript engine
SDL2, OpenGL, Freetype, OpenAL, libogg + libvorbis
A custom web-based story editor
...using Ruby, Sinatra, CoffeeScript, space-pen.

You can judge this game at its Ludum Dare Entry Page.


Behind The Fence (OSX 10.9+) 15 MB
Behind The Fence (Windows 7+) 15 MB
Behind The Fence (Linux 32+64bit) 17 MB

Install instructions

There seems to be some issues with the OSX build
I'm looking into it. In the meantime, the Windows & Linux builds
seem to hold up fine!

F11 switches the game to fullscreen.

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