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Have you ever wanted to play a very bad demake of Simutrans ? Then Capitalism Simulator is for you!

  • Spam "Buy jeeps"
  • When you realize they don't cut it anymore, start stocking up on vans
  • When you reach the unit limit, realize you have to throw away your vans to make room for trucks
  • Gaze upon the cost of gold and diamond mines, wondering if you'll ever be able to afford them..
  • Afford them
  • Fill the whole map
  • Wonder if it's really that simple to trick your brain into watching increasing numbers
  • Post a comment about the lack of balance in the late-game
  • Realize you probably should have seen it coming
  • Hide your newfound passion for the game,  of which you're ashamed
  • Secretly fork the game, with improved graphics, and more gameplay elements
  • Sell it
  • Get sued
  • Settle on giving me 10% of the profits
  • Use the rest to fund the game you've always wanted to make

What are you waiting for???

How to play

Using the road tool (from the palette on the right), draw a road from the city (tall building) to the copper mine. Then buy jeeps (tiny green thing from the palette) and drop them on the road.

Watch the money go up & buy more stuff.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
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capitalism-simulator-windows.zip 4 MB
Version 1 Aug 13, 2018
capitalism-simulator.love 653 kB
Version 1 Aug 13, 2018


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The best description/feature list ever XD

Very nice! I knew I was gonna get hooked the moment I saw the thumbnail.


its a good game brent, i can tell by the thumbnail